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Does your Internet connection randomly cut out? Having signal problems with your wireless network? Need to expand your networks coverage? Concerned about your data? You wouldn't leave your front door unlocked. So then why leave your computer network unsecured? Securing your network both inside and out is the only way to insure your data and more importantly your customers info is safe. Hackers and unauthorized users can cause havoc on your network and gain access to personal information that can lead to identity theft.

Taking the time to understand your needs and designing a network around you by implementing per-user data control, securing wireless networks, updating anti-virus programs and setting up and true hardware firewall we will ensure your data is secured. We will make your computers work for you. By utilizing both wired and wireless technologies we can insure your data is accessible and secure for you wherever you need it.

Open Source Technologies recommends the Open Source Firewall Project, pfSense. With the ability to fully customize a firewall to meet your specific needs it is the only system that makes sense. We have the ability to setup, update and service your pfSense Firewall. We are Georgia's pfSense Experts.

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